Women Candle


Since 2018, The Baobab Collection supports BIG against Breast Cancer Foundation. A percentage of the profits from Women candles is donated to BIG. With this collection, Baobab hopes to show its love for women and vows to support a cause that affects everyone in one way or another: breast cancer research.

The Women scented candle is delicately printed with 9-karat yellow gold. The design represents the feminine symbol, treated as a graphic element. This light pink pattern is outlined in a gold line as a reminder of how precious women truly are. With notes magnolia and powdered rose to evoke one's femininity with reckless abandon.

(MAX10, 4 Wicks) Height 3.9in - Weight 3lb - Est. Burning time: 60hrs
(MAX16, 4 Wicks) Height 6.3in - Weight 4.9lb - Est. Burning time: 150hrs
(MAX08, 1 Wick) Height 3.1in - Weight 0.4lb - Est. Burning time: 30hrs

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