Open Weave Resin Rope Spheres

Elevate your home decor with these versatile decorative pieces that seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with a touch of natural elegance. Each sphere adds texture, depth, and character to any space. Create a captivating focal point or scatter them around your living area to transform your environment into a haven of style and sophistication. Made of Resin
  •  3 sizes
  • These spheres serve as versatile decorative elements, suitable for a wide range of interior styles. Whether you're aiming for a coastal, bohemian, or minimalist look, these spheres effortlessly adapt to your aesthetic
  • The open weave design, resembling rope, infuses a natural and organic feel into your living space
  • Enhance the visual and tactile experience of your decor with the three-dimensional texture these spheres provide
  • Experiment with different placements, such as in a decorative bowl, on a mantel, or as standalone pieces, to effortlessly redefine your interior design

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